Campaign Planning
& Feasibility Studies

Is your fundraising goal realistic?  Where are the major gifts hiding?  So many questions and so little time.  That’s where we come in.  We thoroughly test campaign feasibility through internal and external interviews, data analysis, and financial review.  We excel at early-stage campaign planning, feasibility studies, and capital campaign consultation

Development Planning
& Assessment

Is your annual development plan producing the best return-on-investment? We can measure that.  Do you have major gift envy?  We can help.  No fundraising plan? We do that too.  There’s a theme here: what gets measured gets improved. 

Workshop Facilitation
& Fundraising Training

Executive Search
& Coaching Services

Are you searching for that special someone? We excel at recruitment because we take a unique approach.  We’ll start by learning about your organization’s history and culture.  We work with leadership to succeed in recruiting and retaining the best executive director and development director talent. Once the match is made, we’ll advise on an onboarding plan to set your team up for success and coach your unicorn to fly high in her new role.

Strategic Planning

“They locked us in a hot room for 8 hours,” said no client of ours, ever.  Great strategic planning is about collectively creating the future. We use an engaging, participatory approach.  We'll synthesize your dreams into a cogent strategic plan then we'll put the strategic plan into work boots.

Great fundraising requires skill, a little humor, and a lot of energy.  Our board development and major gift training sessions are interactive, fast-paced, and rooted in best practice.  Full or half-day retreats and short workshops are available.  We’ll even bring the chocolate.  Check out some of our past training presentations here

"Board members who were nervous about making asks felt more confident knowing that we had data to back up who we were asking ..." 

Amy Hojnowski

Development Director, Family Forward Oregon

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